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Commercial Frosted & Decorative
Window Film

If you own a business in Charlotte, NC, and are looking for a cost-effective way to add privacy and protection to your office space then you’ve come to the right place. Frosted and decorative commercial window film will not only add a layer of privacy to your office building but can also add interest and beauty to your spaces.

Why Use Commercial Frosted & Decorative Window Film

Decorative film is a cost-effective enhancement to use at your workplace and it’s also high-impact. Not only are there a lot of different designs to choose from but they can be cut into any shape or size you desire. Consider using them in a wide variety of areas such as conference rooms, sales offices, bathrooms, front lobbies, staircases, and customer waiting areas.


If you’re looking for a particular design style, then you should know that we can create a custom decorative window film for your office. We’re always happy to help guide you in choosing a film that will meet your company’s specific needs and setup.

Commercial Office Decorative Window Film Charlotte
Frosted window Film in Charlotte NC

Benefits of Commercial Frosted & Decorative Film

There are many advantages of using decorative window film and frosted window film at your business. You’ll be adding privacy to protect your valuables and employees while at the same time enhancing the ambiance and look and feel of your building. These window films will diffuse harsh light, and it’s a simple update that won’t cost too much but will have a major impact.

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Tint USA offers a variety of commercial window films that will help keep your office space protected and safe. Contact us today to set up your free on-site consultation and learn more about our commercial frosted and decorative film solutions and what they can do for you.