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3 Ways Commercial Window Tinting Saves Energy Costs

In 2018, almost 6 million U.S. commercial buildings spent $141 billion on their energy consumption. As a business owner, the cost of energy is a major factor when considering the overhead expense of running your company. 


If you want to save money then a great way to do so is to find ways to reduce your energy use. 


An easy solution is to use commercial window tinting. Read on to find out how it can help you reduce energy costs. 


1. Block UV Rays


A commercial window tint works by reflecting UV rays from the sun. This blocks ultraviolet radiation from entering the building, thus reducing its internal heat. 


You can add window tinting all around the building or where the sun is the strongest during the day to keep the structure cool. And while the tint blocks UV light, it still allows natural light to flow through to keep your building bright without the use of artificial lighting. Your staff will also appreciate limited exposure to these harmful UV rays without having to draw the shades. 


There are various tints to choose from that block up to 99% of UV light, filtering any light waves between 100-400 nm, which is considered to be UV radiation.


2. Control Indoor Temperatures


The best part about commercial window tints is that they keep your building at a consistent temperature. You won’t need to continuously alter the thermostat according to the time of day, season, or employee preference. 


Everyone can agree on the right temperature when it is automatically regulated.


You will find that over time the cost of window tinting will be paid by the energy savings that you will receive. So, essential window tinting pays for itself. 


3. Protection From the Elements


If your building is east or west facing then window tint commercial installation will keep your office and warehouse in the shade. By limiting the amount of heat in your office, you can turn off your AC during the summer months.


Window tinting commercial panels also are reinforced, providing insulation during the cold months. The seal will keep out drafts that can cause a chill and counteract the work of your heater. Keep the heat inside and reduce its consumption with professional-grade tint film. 


By keeping nature’s temperature outside, you have control of how your building feels inside. Plus, you won’t need to turn the heat or AC on to combat extreme weather conditions. This should reduce your energy bill and keep your staff comfortable. 


Finding the Right Commercial Window Tinting


Deciding to use commercial window tinting for your business is a big decision since it requires a lot go window coverage. That is why you need to choose the right product and service to ensure it is installed correctly. 


At Tint USA of Charlotte, we have a variety of products to find the right solution for your building and to save the most on your energy bills. 


Contact us today to get a free estimate from one of our professionals. 



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